about me

Hi, who am i? Yes, im a makhluk..same as with you.. but, i have a dream, passion and purpose to get better life everyday, i have a passion must i do, and i have a dream must i grab.

In a professional, i love do so many something i wanna learn..

I’m, Developer?Journalist?Writer?Technopreneur?Musician?Dreamer?Innovator?Researcher?Employee?Student?

Nothing, Just Love What You Do. šŸ‡®šŸ‡©šŸ”¬


Most people feel embarrassed when they tell their failure. but in my opinion, the story of failure can be a learning for us and others. so we help others not to experience the same failure.

This is my journey, my Story How to “Hard” to Making the Ideas Happen !

A long time ago, late 2014s(?), I am writing my journey here, as a place to document any failed or successful dreams. Since a long time ago, I like to imagine and realize my imagination to be real, and some of it is below. Some failed and some successful. All are the result of my imagination, my dreams that I can finally see for myself, and perhaps others.

Just Never stop, make your dreams come true !